A couple of weeks ago it was Croissant Day at various local bakeries in town. It suddenly was gold rush at the different participating locations : everybody was waiting for the next batch to come out of the oven (we even spotted some people getting a little aggressive in the line).

Eric from Les Copains D’Abord on Rachel st. Then asked us : why don’t people come pick up croissants usually ? They might be $1 today but they’re usually $1.50. Well that’s a great question ! At MMM, you guys know how we’re big on breakfasts (and brunch of course !).

Based on that, here we are today  with a new brunch spot for you (or rather a couple of them) : your local bakeries !

We tend to forget how delicious a good croissant could be. But most of all, we forget all the love involved in the making. The bakers start their shift at night around, eleven, midnight or sometimes three to make sure the customers get fresh pastries in the morning. And you can tell that they love what they do when they tell you how a good croissant needs to taste buttery, look airy and crunch the right way.

So next time you plan a brunch/ a breakfast with your family, your friends or even by yourself, just forget starbucks go get yourself some handmade bakeries (and that’s ok if you don’t like croissants, there’s plenty of other options). They’re freshly made with the best ingredients and you won’t regret it (neither will your wallet !).

For all the locations participating to Croissant Day : La Fête du Croissant