For the coffee aficionado!

Just for you, MM tried the Indie Coffee Passport. The passport allows you to try 18 different coffee shops within the city for the very reasonable price of $22. For those of you who are fed up with your skinny lattes from Starbucks, this is a great way to discover your next favorite coffee hot spot.

Each establishment on the list offers 5 beverage options ranging from a cup of regular yet meticulously crafted coffee to a potent macchiato (for the less adventurous, lattes and teas are available as well). Combine your favorite caffeine fix with your choice of relaxed ambiance and warm friendly service.

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just a coffee lover, the passport will give you the chance to wander the city in search of your new cozy coffee haven. Here at MMM, we haven’t crossed every coffee shop off the list yet, but after sampling more than half of the establishments we can vouch for the deliciously smooth offerings at Café Veritas and Tunnel Espresso Bar as well as the brunch menus at Arts Café and Café Fixe.

So where can you get this passport? Online (it gets mailed to you within a couple of days) at Indie Coffee Passport or directly at any of the participating coffee shops. Hurry up and get your passport now because this year’s edition ends October 31!